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Tactical Tuesday: Exclusivity  (aka: Business Marriage)

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Aug 22, 2017 9:51:43 AM


AKA: Business Marriage, You’re All Mine

Description: The negotiation is going well – really well. You are hitting it off with the counter-party, and you really seem to be on the same page. Then he comes up with a great idea – you should be exclusive partners! That will make everything more efficient and will leverage your partnership, right? It may do that, but it also lowers your BATNA and squanders a major source of power – your ability to walk away.

 Sample usage (Alvin and Bob):   Bob – “And of course, the new entity will own all of your creative output in its entirety.”

         Alvin – “Yeah, I guess. But only the work I do for clients, right. I mean, once a client pays or even commissions a design, then it’s off the market. But my design work outside of the office belongs to me.”

         Bob – “This agreement would cover all over you commercial output. If it makes money, then it belongs to the partnership.”

         Alvin – “So you will own 50% of my creative output? That’s doesn’t sound reasonable.”

         Bob – “And I’m offering you the same protection. Any new client that we get will go through you for design work. It’s a two way street.”

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Your Killer Negotiating Plan Part 4:  Negotiating Styles

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Aug 17, 2017 2:23:54 PM

 Style / Relationship Planning

The final plan you should make is about your negotiating style – which is another way of talking about the relationship you’ll have with the other side.   The standard for discussing negotiating style is a matrix where the X axis is your ranking for how you value YOUR SIDE’s satisfaction with the outcome and the Y axis your ranking for how you value THE OTHER SIDE’S satisfaction of the outcome.

This the standard negotiating styles chart: 


(But it might be easier to think of this way:)

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