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I’ve Got Some Bad News - Cross Cultural Partnership Edition

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Dec 14, 2017 2:59:21 PM
When should you bring up bad news in a cross-cultural partnership negotiation?
  1. Sooner
  2. Later
  3. Never
  4. It depends.

Which answer is right?

If you are talking about an international cross-cultural setting, the answer is 1.  Sooner.  Answer #2 is a recipe for conflict.   #3 is just a gamble.  You don’t bring up bad news because you hope it will never be an issue.  That’s going to work well if your deal fails, but it’s a terrible plan for success.  And what about answer 4 - it depends?

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Topics: international negotiation, partnerships, cross culture

Boosting Your Business with International Negotiation - slidedeck

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Nov 24, 2017 2:05:24 PM

The"10 Commandments" of CrossCultural Negotiation - Digital Version:

(click to download the full slide deck in PDF format) 

1.  Differences are more profitable than similarities.

2.Be a strategic partner or a competitive transactor - not both

3.Have a digital strategy - pick the best platform and start with short, simple messages. Multiple platforms, redundant messaging.

4.Build bridges – there is no common ground  

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Topics: international negotiation, cross cultural business, Cross cultural negotiation

The International Negotiator:  Apple in China

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Aug 4, 2017 7:30:00 PM

Nothing stays off the table forever.

Apple recently removed access to VPN services on its  China App Store in compliance with government wishes. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are the chief method for 

circumventing China’s “Great Firewall” and getting access to websites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Apple Removes Apps From China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship - NY Tmes, 7-29-2017


Apple has been one of the most successful brands in China, largely due to its adroit negotiating with PRC authorities. Market access, however, has come at a cost. Apple, like many other MNC brands in China, has consistently given ground on its core values – particularly in terms of privacy safeguards and data protection. Apple has routinely put its China user information under the control of Chinese government agencies and submitted to Chinese authorities, even as the company was mounting sophisticated legal challenges to government policies in the US and Europe.

Last week’s announcement that Apple would be removing 3rd party VPN providers from it’s Apps Store came as a surprise to many, but Beijing had been hinting that they planned to curtail the use of VPNs. Amazon has made a similar announcement, and it seems clear that this is the latest “new normal” in the world of Chinese internet. 

Apple doubles down on China as rivals pull ahead - Reuters 8-1-2017

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Topics: millennial professionals, international negotiation, international business, Doing business in China

Your Killer Negotiating Plan(s) Part2:  Mind the Strategic Gap

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Aug 3, 2017 11:53:10 AM

Strategic Negotiation Planning:  Mind the Gap

Negotiating strategy is about setting goals and limits, while negotiating tactics are your methods for reaching those goals.

Part 1:  Why You Need a Killer Negotiating Plan

Negotiating strategy is built around two things – your organization’s business goals and your best alternatives to not reaching that goal.  

The difference between where you want to be and where you are now. We’ll be calling that the “strategic gap”.  



Strategic Planning for Negotiators:  Mind the Gap

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Topics: Negotiating strategy, international negotiation, strategic planning, negotiating plan

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