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Tactical Tuesday - End of the World (Aka: Panic Attack)

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Sep 26, 2017 8:07:27 PM

End of the World

AKA: Panic attack, Oh no you didn't, All over now

Description: You are threatening them with a catastrophic loss -- often of greater value than the entire deal you were negotiating -- if the other side doesn't give in to your demands RIGHT NOW.

SampleUsage:   Carol: "Hello Mr. Clauson. I represent Alvin Altar and WellsVerne Studio. I'm calling to give formal notice that neither you, nor any of you clients or associates, have the right to use the artwork or marks designed by WellsVerne Studio after this contract expires in 17 months."

            "Are you a lawyer?"

            "That's not the issue. If StorageWorld uses Alvin Altar's designs in public, they will be sued for trademark violation. Is that clear?"

            "I paid Alvin for his work, and you know it."

            "The transfer of intellectual property was never clearly delineated in your agreement."

            "So go ahead and sue me."

            "Let's understand one another, Bob. When we go to court, it won't be you we're suing. It will be your client. Your biggest client. And once that happens, you can kiss your dreams of expansion goodbye. This lawsuit will probably destroy your entire business."

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Sources of Power: Allay His Fear - or Feed the Greed

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Aug 24, 2017 11:51:51 AM

Start Ups, Freelancers, Digital Nomads, & Giggers -- this is for you.

In every negotiation there is a balance of power. Someone has a stronger position – the other side is weaker. Don’t automatically assume that the bigger or richer counter-party automatically has a stronger hand.

Analyzing the balance of power is more about alternatives than brute force.   The best way to judge the power balance is to look at who needs the deal LEAST. The one who can walk away from the table with less damage, loss, and inconvenience is in the stronger position.

There’s always a power balance, but you are not always on the right side of it. This is especially true for younger negotiators, and those working as freelancers, start-ups, giggers, or digital nomads. Sometimes you need to figure out how to even the odds – and sometimes you have to learn to win from weakness.

 What are the sources of Power? 

There are 3 general sources of power for negotiators:

  1. Alternatives and Options
  2. Resources and Network
  3. Knowledge and Analysis

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