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Boosting Your Business with International Negotiation - slidedeck

Posted by Andrew Hupert on Nov 24, 2017 2:05:24 PM

The"10 Commandments" of CrossCultural Negotiation - Digital Version:

(click to download the full slide deck in PDF format) 


1.  Differences are more profitable than similarities.

2.Be a strategic partner or a competitive transactor - not both

3.Have a digital strategy - pick the best platform and start with short, simple messages. Multiple platforms, redundant messaging.

4.Build bridges – there is no common ground  

5.Negotiate the relationship

6.Understanding him is a higher priority than being understood.

7.Be a good partner to get a good partner.  3 rules. What's in it for him?  Know it and work it.

8.Analyze his culture – adjust your own plan.

9.Be the stable guy.

10.Online credibility means you have 3 stories ready to go – what you do, where you are from, and where you are going.

Click here to download the slideshow:


Topics: international negotiation, cross cultural business, Cross cultural negotiation

Written by Andrew Hupert

Cross Cultural Negotiation

It's a new game.

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  • Old-style globalism is DEAD.
  • Point to Point cross-culturalism is  the new market reality.
  • You are either a STRATEGIC PARNER or a TRANSACTIONAL COMPETITOR - but if you don't make the choice it will be made for you.
  • Learn to ANALYZE your counter-party, and make the ADJUSTMENTS to your own poitiions.  

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