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Posted by Andrew on Apr 15, 2016 4:22:42 AM

Everyone TALKS about experiential learning...

...but if you are just tacking an e-learning module or role play onto a standard lecture-course, then someone is missing the point.

Every FlashMBA course is designed for active users who need to master real skills right now.  This is business training -- not academic discussion.  Each chapter of every course has the same layout:

  • Flash Card with 3 or 4 main points that you need to understand a specific business skill.
  • An extended, realistic case that is designed to explain a relevant skill-set.  You will get in the head of real decision-makers, analyze their situation, and second-guess their decisions.
  • In-depth discussions of the main ideas introduced in the flash card.  After scanning the card and seeing how the case handles them, you may want more information.  Each point is explained in a video and downloadable slide-deck.  If you feel you've "got it", then move on.
  • Rules & Tools.   This isn't theory.  Every chapter teaches a skill which is encapsulated in a checklist, template, spreadsheet, or some other take-away.  Perfect for running teams or applying to real-world situations.
  • Red Flags.  I've been doing this for 20 years.  I may not have seen every possible mistake that a negotiator can make, but I have definitely figured out how to spot the patterns that will get you into trouble.  Every chapter finishes up with 5 common red flags that warn you about what can go wrong if you don't.

Participation is NON-OPTIONAL

Well -- ok, it is optional.  But it's highly recommended.  If you have questions for me, you can reach me directly at [email protected] , but I prefer is you use the forums to take part in a discussion.  Business is a team sport, and the more interaction you have, the more your skills develop.  You may even build your network.

  • Use the FORUMS on site.
  • Join our SLACK team.
  • Check out the LinkedIn group for relevant news clips and discussions.
  • Keep up to speed and chat on the FlashMBA Facebook page.

I've also set up Skype and WeChat channels -- if I'm missing some great new platform, please let me know.

I look forward to working with you.

-Andrew Hupert

[email protected]

Topics: Housekeeping, How To, Negotiation, Networking

Written by Andrew

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